1. 01. Resources: Creativity & the Climate Crisis

    Here are some handy resources that I’ve discovered which talk about creativity and the climate crisis: Read more →

  2. 02. Minimising waste in my illustration studio

    A few things I’ve switched in my studio to minimise waste and avoid unnecessary single-use plastics: Read more →

  3. 03. Garden Studio Build

    So happy to share these photos of our garden studio build coming together! We’re just in the process of adding some finishing touches to the interior now :) Read more →

  4. 04. Lockdown Craft activity “Pip The Paper Turtle”

    Hey everyone! With everything that’s going on right now, it felt like a pretty good time give something away that hopefully will keep you and your kids occupied for a little while. Read more →

  5. 05. Paper Strasbourg on display in Paris

    I had so much fun visiting Paris to set up my paper Strasbourg sculpture in BHV Marais as a part of their Christmas Windows 2019 event. Read more →

  6. 06. Future City: Paper Engineering Workshop

    Had lots of fun running my Future City workshop at AOI’s Inspired to Innovate exhibition! Read more →

  7. 07. Paper Animals Workshop

    Stoked to be running a paper animals workshop at Cheltenham Design Festival 2019. Read more →

  8. 08. Rebel Art Auction

    Climate change is real and terrifying. For the first time, some of the most influential and game-changing graphic designers, artists and innovators are getting together to represent the truth around climate change. Read more →

  9. 09. BDF 2019 Workshop

    I had a lovely time at Birmingham Design Festival. Here’s some shots of my Paper Animals workshop. Read more →

  10. 10. BDF – Conscious Creativity Talk

    I talked at the wonderful Birmingham Design Festival about Paper Worlds and Conscious Creativity. Read more →

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