Small steps I've taken in the studio to lower my carbon footprint...

Non-recyclable waste

Landfill waste has been minimised to roughly a jar per month. Actively finding ways to use less non-recyclable material in my work.

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Powered by mostly plant based local organic produce or garden grown food.

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100% renewable gas and electricity

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Monitoring my annual water usage and aiming to lower it by 5% each year.

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Tree Planting

I am planting 9 trees per year with 9trees. As I use mainly paper this is something that fills me with joy to be able to do. 9trees are conservationists and put biodiversity first.

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Recyclable waste

Actively finding ways to keep
recycling to a minimum

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Pedal Power

I work from my garden studio so there is no daily commute. I use my bike to get around locally and public transport when I need to get into the city

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Either second hand or from a sustainable maker.

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I live in the countryside so I opt for zoom meetings to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption.

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I’m continually working on sourcing UK based suppliers which sell non-imported materials.

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I work with clients who are working on the right side of climate change to drive positive change. I am choosy about who I work with and I don’t work with high carbon sectors.

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Let's build a bright future!

Greenhouse gas emissions need to be halved by 2030

It’s a hefty task but we’re all in this together. Great imaginations coming together and collaborating is what will give us that extra nudge to drive change for the better.

Renewable and recyclable materials

Responsibly produced paper is one of the most environmentally friendly materials out there. It’s natural, renewable and easily recycled – which is why I love working with it!

The materials I use include:

I constantly experiment with new materials – paper containing post-consumer waste, plastic and plant-based glues made from natural materials. The left over paper I don’t use is donated to local schools.

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