Future City: Paper-Cut Workshop

sustainable materials

Had lots of fun running my Future City workshop at AOI’s Inspired to Innovate exhibition!

In the workshop my lovely participants worked together to build an ultimate future city out of paper! We saw ideas from huge funnels that collect water that sit decoratively down the side of buildings, living walls, buildings made from waste, bee keeping on roofs and making water clean for people to swim in!

Big thanks to GF Smith, 3AComposites and UHU for providing your amazing sustainable materials for the workshop.

3A Composites make Dispa Board which is 100% paper and 100% recyclable – an amazing alternative to foam board. If you use foam board definitely give Dispa Board a try! You’ll save so much waste from going to landfill!

GF Smith sell Extract paper made by James Cropper. Extract paper is made from recycled coffee cups! Only 1 in 25 coffee cups get recycled and we use 8 million disposable cups in the UK every day so James Cropper and GF Smith are doing awesome things to try and tackle our current plastic consumption problem. There is a huge reason to support Extract paper, we all want to see much less of that 8 million cups going to landfill every day!

UHU have developed Re-Nature – made from 98% natural ingredients and the packaging is made from 80% recycled content. This is a great alternative to other stick based glues! Thanks UHU!