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Rebel Art Exhibition - Paper Turtle

paper turtle

Climate change is real and terrifying. For the first time, some of the most influential and game-changing graphic designers, artists and innovators got together to represent the truth around climate change.

In partnership with Extinction Rebellion and Accept & Proceed, people were invited to support the cause and join us for the Rebel Art Auction; Bid for the Truth. An exclusive art auction held on 13th September 2019 in Hankney, London.

Hosted by design consultancy, Accept & Proceed, the Rebel Art Auction included work from the likes of Mr BingoMichael C PlaceRob RyanAntony Gormley and Jim Sutherland. All proceeds raised at the auction were donated to the XR cause. A cause for everyone.

This is a topic which is close to my heart so I contributed a small piece for the auction, titled “Our Responsibility”. Touching on the issue of plastic pollution, I created a handcrafted paper Green Sea Turtle, tangled up in local beach clean sourced fishing net.

Our fishing nets, plastic bags, cleaning products, sachets, cigarette filters, packaging, period products, takeaway trays, beauty products, printer cartridges, clothes fibres to name but a few have all been found in the stomachs or wrapped around our sea life friends.

This mini piece reminds us that it’s our responsibility to make the best buying choices we can to help minimise unnecessary plastic waste.

Sam holding paper turtle piece

“The single greatest threat to most sea turtles is fishing gear. Hundreds of thousands of turtles are accidentally caught by gillnets, shrimp trawl nets and on longline hooks each year.” WWF

glueing the paper shell
glueing the top paper shell to the bottom shell
  • Made and photographed in-house
  • Software: Adobe illustrator, Silhouette Studio
  • Materials: GF Smith FSC certified Colorplan paper, all paper is 100% recyclable, fishing net was sourced from a beach clean
  • Kit: Sony a7r mark 2, Silhouette Cameo

Charity – Extinction Rebellion
Artist – Sam Pierpoint
Photographer – Mike Foyle
Agency: Accept and Proceed

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