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Stop Ocean Threads

paper copepod eating microfibres

We worked with Marine Conservation Society to produce a paper-cut animation for their latest #StopOceanThreads campaign.

The Marine Conservation Society is the UK’s leading marine charity. They work to ensure our seas are healthy, pollution free and protected.

Our seas are under immense pressure: too many fish are being taken out, too much rubbish is being thrown in and too little is being done to protect our precious wildlife. Marine Conservation Societies vision is for seas full of life where nature flourishes and people thrive.

The brief was to produce a simple animation which would tell the story of the journey that microfibres take from washing machine, to the ocean and onto our dinner plates.

It was important for us to show clear visuals to illustrate how synthetic clothes shed microfibres, the process they all go through and also the startling figures so that the issue can be more understood.

The end of the video would direct people to a petition they can sign to #StopOceanThreads which would be sent to the UK government.


Paper-cut Water Treatment Centre

In this project, I combined my usual paper-cut style with felt to represent the microfibres. We used a stop-frame technique for the microfibres only so they would stand out amongst the rest of the paper-cut animation.

We wanted to create a seamless journey so viewers can see exactly how microfibres find their way into the sea and how such a simple solution can put a stop to this issue.

In order to Stop Ocean Threads, the Marine Conservation Society’s campaign asks the public to sign a petition which will push for legislation to stop microfibre pollution at source. By requiring all new washing machines to have microfibre filters fitted by law, by 2024, microfibres will be filtered out of waste water and the flow of microplastics into the ocean will be stemmed.

Please help and support MCS by signing their petition to #StopOceanThreads

Paper Shrimp
700000_microfibres_washing machine illustration
  • Made, photographed and animated in-house
  • Software: Adobe illustrator, Silhouette Studio, After Effects
  • Materials: GF Smith FSC certified Colorplan paper, FSC Certified Dispa Board all paper and board is 100% recyclable, second hand felt off-cuts which were used to a minimum and the remainder of felt was sold on.
  • Kit: Sony a7r mark 2

Client + Graphic Design – Marine Conservation Society
Art Direction + Paper Illustration – Sam Pierpoint
Photography + Animation – Mike Foyle
Sound – Daffurn SoundsSound – Daffurn Sounds

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