Plant People

Self Initiated

Foraged garden plants

I’ve been keen for a while to start adding plant life / natural foraged materials into my work. I found a way to start by making paper people interact with some foraged dried seed heads found from around my garden studio.

I love seeing these come up every year, every winter they make the garden look beautiful and ornamental especially when we have frost. They preserve well so this year I collected a few that had grown around my garden studio so experiment with.

These dead heads provide food for the birds and other wildlife at that wintery time of year when pickings are thin. The dead stems also help to protect the soil from frost damage.

  • Made, photographed and retouched in-house
  • Software: Adobe illustrator, Silhouette Studio
  • Materials: GF Smith FSC certified Colorplan paper, Materica, Extract, Inclusion coffee, dispa board, foraged plants
  • Kit: Sony a7r mark 2, Silhouette Cameo

Client: Self Initiated
Art Direction: Sam Pierpoint
Sculpture: Sam Pierpoint
Photography + Retouching: Mike Foyle

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