Earth Hour Campaign

Paper Earth with lit up city lights

Earth Hour is the first step towards making nature matter. Millions of us around the world turn our lights off as a symbol of our commitment to the planet.

This is an experimental animation to celebrate and hopefully help increase the awareness of Earth Hour!

This was a self initiated piece which we made and animated in-house. WWF later licensed the animation to use on their social channels.

I designed and created a paper-cut layered globe. Holes were cut out from the map to represent electricity and close attention was paid to making the major cities more populated with holes for more of a realistic affect.

For the lighting effect, we placed the artwork in front of a tv. We recorded numerous videos playing behind the paper-cut earth to capture the lights turning on and off in different orders and pattern formations.

Earth Hour Sam Pierpoint animation
Earth Hour_Sam Pierpoint_ animation_2
  • Initial animation was made, photographed and animated in-house
  • Software: Adobe illustrator, Silhouette Studio
  • Materials: GF Smith FSC certified Colorplan paper, all paper is 100% recyclable
  • Kit: Sony a7r mark 2

Client + Graphic Design – WWF
Art Direction + Paper Illustration – Sam Pierpoint
Photography, Animation, Music – Mike Foyle

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